A Cup of Keto Coffee a Day, Keeps Your Anxiety at Bay!

Hey! Did you know that you can use Coffee to lose weight? Well, with keto coffee you just can! Nevertheless, if you’ve only begun your ketogenic dieting, you might have come across the word bulletproof coffee. Now, this not your regular coffee, It is a high-performance, high-fat beverage which keeps you energised and optimistic all day long!

Is your interest piquing up now?

Well, today let’s discuss the keto aka bulletproof coffee and why it’s best to drink this beverage while following a ketogenic meal plan.

What is ketogenic diet coffee or bulletproof coffee?


It all began when the entrepreneur, author and businessman Dave Asprey, took a trip to Tibet. He had discovered an age-old recipe of yak-butter tea, a Tibetan delicacy; so enthralled by the taste, he went about to find out more on this mouth-watering delicacy.

After he came back home, he was all set to re-create the yak-butter tea, but with a twist. He experimented with coffee instead, and used, healthy fats like butter and ghee coming from grass-fed cattle.

As he began drinking this beverage, every morning, he soon noted a few positive changes in his demeanour. He could feel his energy level spiking up, his mood improving and signs of tiredness leaving his body. Therefore, he went to share his experience with Silicon Valley and soon many people adapted to drinking this high-fat coffee for their diets.

This coffee made solely from fat proved useful for many weightwatchers following a ketosis weight loss diet. Hence, after little experimentation, dieters started using three ingredients for making their bulletproof coffee-

  • Brain octane oil, MCT or coconut oil
  • 1-2 tbsp. of butter/ghee coming from grass-fed cattle
  • Bulletproof or keto coffee beans

Moving on, there are reasons why the bulletproof coffee is the ideal breakfast drink for those following a ketogenic meal plan!


Speeds up ketosis!

It has been proved that fat can indeed burn fat. The ketosis weight loss diet deals explicitly with consuming fat and not carbohydrates. The main criteria of this diet is to produce ketones in the body and make the body enter a state of ketosis.

Ketosis helps burn stored fat from the body instead of glucose as no carbs are present. Therefore, the bulletproof coffee made solely form saturated fat offers no carbs and speeds up the process of ketosis. So, consuming this coffee each morning as part of your the keto diet will naturally speed up weight loss.

Cognitive enhancer!

Coffee is usually associated with protecting the brain from age-related issues like Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s disease.  Similarly, the ketogenic diet coffee not only keeps the brain safe from these age-related issues, but it also boosts mood.

Surveys conducted have shown, people who drank bulletproof coffee each morning had the following reactions-

  • They showed cognitive stability and development
  • They were more focused and less irritable
  • The frequency of anxiety attacks on people suffering from depression lessened

Energy booster!

It’s not okay to miss out on breakfast, especially if you are following a ketosis weight loss tired. So, if you are running late to the office, drink a mug of bulletproof coffee for breakfast.

Unlike, regular coffee that uses excess cream and sugar, the bulletproof coffee provides high-fat which keeps the body’s energy level up and running all day. Moreover, without sugar, the body can reach ketosis sooner which aids in quicker weight loss. Using CBD oil on the side can also aid dramatically with results. Check out HerbMighty’s best CBD oil reviews here.

Healthy fats for the body!

The bulletproof coffee is an excellent source of healthy fats which is the prime necessity of a ketogenic diet. Organic butter or ghee comprises of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties. This protects the body by keeping heart health intact and prevents the body from succumbing to the following –

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Depression
  • Attention disorders
  • Asthma symptoms

Additionally, nursing women following the ketosis diet will also benefit from drinking this beverage. The omega three fatty acids will help repair tissues and prevent the body from a weakling.

Contains cravings!

The mother of all problems for dieters is cravings! When the body is forced to follow a ketosis diet, it is suddenly devoid of carbs. This result in the body being driven to frenzy for consuming carbs, and when it is not given those carbs, it can cause moodiness and irritability amongst dieters.

However, the bulletproof coffee can be your salvation. Filled with high-fat and no sugar, this coffee is and made with MCT or coconut oil, which doubles up as a hunger suppressant. This keeps the body fuller and also energised, while burning calories.

On this note, here are few additives you can use for complementing your ketosis diet coffee!

  1. Vanilla beans!

Vanilla beans come packed with antioxidants which boost cognitive and overall body functions. Moreover, vanilla adds a distinctive classic flavour with a savoury aroma which makes the coffee tastier.

  1. Organic chocolate

High quality chocolate can transform your bulletproof coffee into cafe mocha. Moreover, good quality chocolate contains powerful polyphenols which help to boost mood and even protects skin from damage

  1. A dash of cinnamon

Cinnamon helps reduce insulin resistance and regulates blood sugar level. So adding a pinch of cinnamon to your keto coffee will not only make it healthy but will taste delightful too.

  1. Lavender or peppermint oil

If you are ready to experiment with some ketogenic recipes, you can try making your ketosis coffee using lavender or peppermint oil. These essential oils can soothe and calm the nerves, so adding 2-3 drops in your keto coffee will keep your demeanour composed all-day-long.

Additional notes:

  1. Use a blender to make the recipe as bulletproof coffee and water do not mix. Pour the coffee with the additives in the blender and pulse till smooth. Serve it once it’s frothy.
  2. One mug of keto coffee contains 221 calories with 25.25 grams of fat. Adding additives will incur extra calories, and your average cup will provide 474 calories.

However, as mentioned above, the fat in the coffee will only facilitate weight loss. So, dieters now that you know the benefits of drinking this blend, why don’t you give it a try and post your opinions on your respective blogs?